Winding into the fall with a smooth drink, and thoughts of gentle evenings with the last of the summer warmth. A smooth house mix featuring cuts from the likes of Jorge Montia, Miguel Migs, Hapkido, and Mario Bianco to name a few.

Uploaded on September 3, 2015
House / Deep/Soulful / Funky / Disco


  1. John Stoongard & Gianni Bini - Deputy of Love (Stoon & Bennie Goes to LA Mix)
  2. Jorge Montia - Ready to Funk
  3. Wander Sa - History Repeats Itself
  4. Mario Bianco - My Soul Sacrifice
  5. Miguel Migs - Sometime (Migs Unreleased Dub Deluxe)
  6. Mark Di Meo - A Gentleman's Song FK
  7. Richard Earnshaw featuring Polina Griffith - Can't Go Back (Classic Vocal Mix)
  8. MoD & Staffan Thorsell - Magic Vibe
  9. Paggi & Costanzi featuring Roland Clark - A House Thing (Micky More & Andy Tee Deep Mix)
  10. Paolo Barbato featuring Keith Thompson - Keep On Lovin (Main Vocal Mix)
  11. Mark Funk - Love Again
  12. Studio Nova - The Reason We Took It Underground (Gary Caos Remix)
  13. Hapkido - Streets of Rage
  14. Deux featuring Sheilah Cuffy - What I Like